DEV: email Address Road. What is?

Helicóptero Pegasus DGTit Is likely that in recent days you’ve heard about the “e Road”, known as the DEV. Every time that gets any information of any novelty on the part of the Administration, Finance, or the DGT, we tremble, and not for less because we think “to see what more or how much more we have to pay now”. It seems that by this novelty, we’re not going to scratching (even more) the pocket, but we must know what it is, if we don’t want to take some another scare.

the email Address The Road is a channel through which we will receive the fines and notifications by e-mail, leaving to a side the traditional postal mail. For individuals it is an optional method, without obligation to any but, however, companies must be signed obligatorily to the DEV before the end of this year 2016. The DEV started in 2010, however it was not until the middle of 2015, when it began to operate properly, to put in place the Registration of power of attorney.

DGT cinturón cámarasIn this way, notifications, and penalties come in both the owner of the vehicle as as to the person or company that is appointed as Proxy of that vehicle. The General Directorate of Traffic, according to reports from his magazine, takes a few months sending letters to owners of vehicles, to meet also with companies with fleets of their own, car rental companies, etc

In this way, any company that has any registered vehicle must be high on the DEV. Not to be discharged in this new system, “no legal entity may register, transfer or change the owner of a vehicle”, says Javier Villalba, subdirector of the Rules of the DGT in a statement to the Magazine DGT. Villalba in addition declares that “the DEV does not pose any inconvenience to the companies, all of which have already electronic relationship with the Administration”.

No cost and the only change is that, to receive the fines by e-mail instead of traditional mail. In the case of individuals, is entirely volunteer, being able to register, deregister or modify their data.

Source – Magazine-DGT