Development of the Ford Focus RS: final approval and debut at Goodwood (video)

desarrollo-ford-focus-rsThe history of development of the Ford Focus RS is still in progress, a documentary film that we have discovered its design, its development in road and track or their extreme tests. Now we know probably what is more interesting, the verdict of the team. In addition, Ken Block releases in Goodwood to the delight of the spectators.

In this seventh chapter a documentary on the Ford Focus RS engineers perform the recent evidence, checked on the track closed and the car is driving like they want to. And it is time to test how it behaves in curves, bumps, braking, and see that everything is ready in a unit that has already left the assembly line.


it Is also the time to test the different driving modes, among which is the normal, the Sport or the prominent mode Drift that is well liked among the testers. The sound is another of the elements that are judged in this phase of the development. The dome of Ford development board to test a car that is still waiting for final approval.

Ken Block, in addition, it launches with the Ford Focus in Goodwood, a perfect scenario for present it in public with thousands of spectators who know how to appreciate the work on the Focus a more sporty. There is No better combination than a show man with Block and a circuit short, but intense display a car that has created a lot of buzz among the fans.

Source – Ford

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