Development tremble: Google is already studying how to report on a large scale, potholes on roads

How far can help the car connected to make our roads a safer place? Google continues to explore in Mountain View based on the possibilities connected car, the car self, and even their installed in cars that immortalized the streets and roads of half the world systems. What if those systems were able to identify potholes? What if that information could be used later to avoid them, to make sure your car seek the setting of dampers to absorb more comfortable, or even denounce these incidents to the authorities to order them to correct?

This Range Rover Evoque detects bumps and sends them to the cloud and click the throw is going to end

This same summer Google patenting a system to monitor and report incidents on the road, relating to the quality. The device responsible for detecting potholes would be easier than we can imagine . Far from being based on a system of cameras, and image recognition, Google and one of its inventors have patented a system that analyzes the quality of the track based on the vibrations transmitted by the dampers, and a series of sensors and horizontal movements vertical.

The second step, once detected these incidents, it would record its exact position using GPS . That information will go into a central database, from which could be carried out different measures, starting with creating a huge world map of potholes . For example, such information could be used in the Google Maps system. Imagine a browser that includes us the option to choose the easiest route, with less bumps. This information may also be supplied to adaptive suspension systems. And, as we mentioned in the title, such information could also be used to report the presence of potholes to the authorities and hope that these act correcting.

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This Range Rover Evoque detects bumps and sends them to the cloud and click the throw is going to end

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