DGT installs the first signs of intelligent cross-traffic

The secondary roads are being seriously addressed by the General Directorate of Traffic in recent times. 73% of the fatalities in traffic accidents last year were killed in this type of roads. There are many dangers that exist, one of them are the intersections with no visibility, and to fix it, DGT begins to implement the traffic signals intelligent.


The system recognizes and reports the possible crossing of a vehicle

The secondary roads are hazardous for multiple reasons. Every day they generate an enormous amount of traffic varied; conventional cars, industrial vehicles and agricultural, scooters and even cyclists. This diversity motor wreaks havoc on the numbers of traffic accidents and death, are therefore the subject of a control by the DGT.

On the freeway, or motorway junctions or changes of direction are performed in a different plane to that of the circulation, but not so in the secondary routes where everything is done at the same level. In the majority of cases the visibility is more than correct, so that, except for negligence, the operation is performed with all safety, but not as well at certain times where tight angles or fixed obstacles prevent us from seeing the traffic that comes.

The intention is that these situations of high danger and tension disappear thanks to the technological aids. The new intelligent signals will be connected with panels of pressure and motion sensors to alert drivers when you can have cross traffic in situations of low visibility.

The panel of pressure to recognize at what point a vehicle is stopped at a STOP mandatory crossing. This immediately sends an alert to the signal of cruising in the fast lane, indicating, through notices, the light, the presence of such a vehicle, forcing us to take extreme precaution against the possible departure of this.


Until now, mirrors of crossroads have played an important role in road safety

As we have already said, the General Direction of Traffic is already implementing such systems in our secondary roads. The same will be subject to intense surveillance by patrols of traffic violations and speeding. On this last point, the DGT has already informed you about the final list of road sections susceptible of being monitored by speed cameras. All by reducing the number of fatalities.

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