Did you got with wanted to buy a LaFerrari? Now you’ll be able to bid for this obscure object of desire

This Ferrari LaFerrari look for owner. One of the 499 units the ultimate supercar of Ferrari goes to auction and as we go by the idea that it will exceed, comfortably, the million euros that it cost initially.

This unit is equipped with only 211 miles on its odometer, the equivalent of about 340 kilometers, a small walk to this supercar, let us remember, it had a V12 that, together with a hybrid system, stood up to the 963 horses.

beyond its tiny mileage its finish totally black sure is a good attraction for lovers of exclusivity, why? Only produced 3 units in this tune mate.

As a curiosity in your steering wheel, at the base and sitting up from a few buckets black with accents in red, we find an inscription which reads “Cavallo Infernale”.

What price it will reach this dark unit in the auction? in mid-August, when they held the auction in Monterey, we’ll find out.