Did you know that 10 years have passed since the first Lexus hybrid?

Today the German premium trident Mercedes, Audi and BMW , is totally immersed in the deployment of hybrid alternatives in virtually all segments. Average sedan, large sedans, SUV … Lexus was there, 10 years ago the Japanese firm bet to venture into the territory of the Hybrid premium s and today are 1 million and hybrid units sold.

We had a chance to celebrate with Lexus Spain this anniversary, 10 years of hybrid models, the decade in which hybrid technology has extended the range of the Japanese company, leaving us today a staff of alternatives ranging from Lexus CT200h RC Lexus 300h.

The beginning? The Lexus RX 400h:

In 2012 Lexus introduced a spectacular Lexus LF-LC Hybrid. Since then rumors of a release for the LFA have been very frequent.

The pioneer of this development was the hybrid Lexus RX 400h . He arrived in 2005 only to be followed a year later by the Lexus GS 450h .

to Lexus LS 600h , presented in 2007, hybrid technology took hold in the top of the range Lexus, but so did three years later. In 2010 and following the launch of the RX 450h, the first step in a Lexus CT 200h willing to confront the Mercedes Class A, BMW 1-Series and Audi A3 wielding technology hybrid between one of its main virtues.

The last five years have been well served Lexus novelties. A new GS, a new RX and the new Lexus IS in addition to the arrival of the brand into the realm of SUV medium size with Lexus NX and the duel of premium coupes with Lexus RC , all duly served a hybrid mechanical forming the central axiom of their ranges.

The future for Lexus? Hydrogen:

course in full celebration of 10 years of hybrid technology in the mark can not avoid talking about a future in which the mark will continue to pursue non-plug hybrids , hybrid able to recharge your batteries in motion.

Besides the more distant future of the brand apparently it passes by hydrogen . In signing believe these mechanical something logical if we consider that part of the Toyota Lexus group and these have already shown some of his letters with Toyota Mirai.


The German competition commitment plug-in hybrid

Surprise posture rotund Lexus referring to plug-in hybrids. For now they see in their ranks a car with this technology … while German competition firmly committed to it. Yes, you have to plug them in somewhere and not all houses are prepared for it, but in return they offer greater autonomy than mechanical proposed hybrid Lexus.

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