Did you know that …? BMW i8 used every 893,350 km carbon fiber

You might be hard to believe. We get it. Each BMW i8 consists of 893,350 kilometers of fiber carbon , 2.3 times the distance between Earth and the Moon . But behind this headline so eloquently there is an even more interesting fact, the nature of the carbon fiber, a material that is called to lead the new revolution in the automotive industry. A material highly valued for its mechanical properties very similar to steel; to be as light as plastic; and his extraordinary strength and rigidity. But how 893,350 kilometers of carbon fiber are transformed into a BMW i8?

The carbon fiber fabric is formed with hundreds of kilometers of fiber carbon atoms bonded by glass to form filaments of 5 to 10 microns in diameter, which in turn comprise threads.
The process of creating carbon fiber parts is complex and expensive, especially in the case of large pieces, like the monocoque of a supercar.

Carbon fiber is a synthetic fiber that complies with filaments of 5 to 10 microns in diameter . These filaments, in turn, are composed of carbon atoms linked together by fibers to form crystals. A thread of carbon fiber is composed of thousands of twisted fibers, which in turn are converted into a fabric and can be manipulated in assembly lines to create the different pieces that eventually will form a BMW i8 .



The complexity that requires the creation of this carbon fiber cloth is only one thing to bear in mind when we talk about the reasons why carbon fiber is more expensive than steel or aluminum. The proper handling of the fabric to create end pieces, and the use of specific equipment such as autoclaves, make the process of creating a piece of carbon fiber is more expensive. A particularly complex when it comes to what is to build carbon fiber parts large eg monocoque car.

That is the reason why, except in rare cases low volume manufacturers and sporting luxury, the use of carbon fiber is still limited to relatively small parts.

Source: BMW | Via: Microsiervos
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