Did you know that connect the air conditioning of your car this winter, you can prevent breakdowns?

Connect the air conditioning of your car in the winter is an idea which is highly recommended. And before you continue reading will confirm that we are not crazy, or a lot less. Connect periodically the air conditioning, even in winter, it is a good practice to make sure that this will work properly in spring, when again they return to the high temperatures. Did you know that the fault is most common, which causes more cars pass through the workshop in the summer, is precisely a system of air conditioning problems? did you Know that remember to connect the air conditioning in the winter you can lengthen the life of the air conditioning system of your car?

it Is advisable to connect the air conditioner regularly, even in winter, to avoid breakdowns in the compressor and leaks in the joints of the conduits through which circulates the gas that cools the air.

The most common problems in an air conditioning system are related to leakage of gas, which, thanks to different physical transformations, it cools the air which cools our car. They are also often related to blockages in the circuit, or problems in the air compressor. The mere fact of turning off the compressor in October, and do not reconnect it until the end of April, may contribute to the emergence of breakdowns arising from the inactivity of the system, the compressor damage by staying out of service for months, or even the occurrence of leaks in some joints of the conduits through which circulates the gas that you need for your operation.


The air conditioning of our car can lose around 15% of the gas that guarantees its proper functioning.

it Is true that there is no general rule about it, since from manufacturers, and associations of motorists, some recommend that you connect the air conditioning system once a month, others once a week. But it is clear that remember to connect the air conditioning, once in a while, and also in winter, can prevent the unpleasant surprise of being without air conditioning with the return of the spring, in the summer, and high temperatures. It is estimated that each year an air conditioning system loses around 15% of its gas, which is reducing the performance of the system, and its ability to cool the passenger compartment.

Obviously, the connection of the air conditioning in winter entails an expenditure of energy unnecessary. The reason why it is recommended that this practice be conducted for a few minutes, for example when you get home after a trip, while we unloaded the trunk.

Although we use a car with automatic climate control, this practice is still advisable, forcing the compressor to be in operation by adjusting the temperature and the connection of the air conditioning manually.


Connect the air-conditioning can help to defog all the moons of our car in an instant.

The connection of the air-conditioning is also useful to reduce very quickly the fog that covers the moons of our car, as a complement to the bezels, thermal and air diffusers oriented to the moons front and rear, which already allow us to desempaƱarlas at the touch of a button. The air conditioning is very effective to end in an instant with this fog and condensation that occurs in the crystals of our car.

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