Did you know that Ferrari will not let you buy “cavallinos” new employees?

Many people say of our work that is a real lucky. We cannot deny that we pursue what we love, our passion, is a penance; but is not gold all that glitters, as in all jobs. It seems to be that the workers of Ferrari to them, something similar happens: . Come on, how many of us here don’t like to be an employee of Ferrari? Like all jobs, there are things “less good”.

As we know, the employees of the brand of the “prancing horse” may not buy the products of your own company to premiere. “why?”,, you ask. Apparently, according to the statements of the head of marketing of the company, Enrico Galliera, the workers of Ferrari may not buy a model to premiere by the simple fact of to take care of more and better to their customers. What one has to do with the other? More than you think.

Typically, the customer looking for a Ferrari to premiere is a person that already owns, or may in the future possess, the more vehicles of the Italian company. The policy of these companies is to take care of their customers and to facilitate and expedite as much as possible the delivery of your brand-new vehicle. Are you still without understanding the relationship between the new customers and that a worker not be able to buy one of their cars?

Enrico Galliera, defends this policy by saying that, to be products as exclusive and limited, if an employee buys a Ferrari may delay the delivery of an external client; something that is not like in the Italian firm. In addition, we do not have any novelty when we say that Ferrari produces less units than the public demand. It could produce more cars but to sell more units would be to reduce your exclusivity and that cache which presumes the company.

As a curiosity, according to Galliera, the only ones Ferrari that, yes, they can purchase a model to premiere are the pilots of Formula 1. He also commented that there was no discounts and that if a rider wants one of their cars you have to pay it at 100 %. In the end, if some day you are an employee of the brand you’ll have to buy your second hand car. Can you imagine that a worker use to upset by this and pops in with a Lamborghini to premiere in your job? It would be quite funny for us, but surely that would have its consequences for the employee.

Source – Drive

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