Did you know that, optionally, your Ford GT will be able to have some wheels carbon fiber?

Ford has already revealed the “test” (“you can Already order your new Ford GT, but get ready, you will need to spend an authentic interview (video, questions trap…“) which you will need to spend to be able to buy a Ford GT, the issues that you will have to answer beyond that you have the $ 400,000, about 350,000 euros, which is the cost of the new supercar of the brand. In addition to Ford has already revealed its configurator (now you can configure your Ford GT! But… not so fast do You get past the selection process?) and we’ve encountered a new surprise: their wheels carbon fiber.

Among the options available, beyond the shades of paint, the lines that run through your body, the accents in carbon fiber, we have found with an endowment of wheels optional finished in carbon fiber.

These tires replaced the original forged aluminum and the like that these have a size of 20-inch. What for now has not announced that Ford is how much it will cost, as also has been pointed out weight that you will save with them.

let us Remember that it is not the first time that Ford uses tires carbon fiber. The also spectacular Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R it also has rims made of carbon fiber (“7 reasons why the wheels of carbon fiber of the Shelby Mustang GT350R are the future“).

To higher we have to remember that this material, that the carbon fiber will be widely represented in the constitution of a Ford GT that mechanically will be animated by a propeller V6 supercharged of more than 600 horses.