Did you know that Peugeot sells more coffee grinders and pepper cars?

As you hear. Peugeot’s best selling product is not a car, but kitchenware . Peugeot was born in 1810 as a family business for several generations of French industrialists, long before the automobile revolution arrancase. Having said that it seems quite reasonable that before producing cars was under manufacture bicycles, do not you think? But did you know that the first business of Peugeot, which is still operating today, was to create coffee grinders and pepper? Not only that. As a manufacturer of kitchenware, Peugeot can boast of being one of the most popular international brands. Its products are manufactured in Quingey, France, with exports of 70% to 80 countries, amassing huge profits and selling products by millions. More than cars, by the way.

Peugeot began producing even before their cars and bikes, items such as saws and pruning shears.

The brand Peugeot grinders not only shares a name with the carmaker – PSP Peugeot – but also the emblem of the lion. Before making cars, Peugeot ventured into a number of companies as peculiar as the production of saws, pruning scissors, corkscrews, glasses, decanters and crinolines (a kind of structure to shape the slopes and attached to the waist, often used by old women).

In any case, the household goods of Peugeot, specifically their coffee grinders and pepper, far from being a haven of nostalgia. These products continue to enjoy a healthy business and are highly valued by some of the best restaurants and chefs in the world.


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Although it amazing, even a pepper mill requires the use of appropriate materials and a deep research and development to improve their qualities. Peugeot grinders use certified wood PEFC , mostly from local forests, in the region of Franche-Comte. Even have specific mechanisms for each spice.

Among the Peugeot grinders and graters are no specific products for pepper, dry salt, wet salt, nutmeg, pepper, coffee, and cheese . The grinding mechanism of each is different and their reputation is based primarily on the existence of a system of nominated u’Select, which allows easy adjustment of the crushed grain milling, and thickness, with a simple gesture .

Curious, do not you think?

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