Did you know that the Audi Q2 has Italian soul?


The Q2 has Italian soul.

The new Audi Q2 is the latest member of the family of crossovers of the range German. Officially presented at the Paris Salon 2016, the new model germano is now available in all european markets, and we have already had even the chance to try it. However, what we did not know were the Italian roots of the model, since Audi had for its development, with the collaboration of ItalDesign, the famous coachbuilder Italian founded by Giugiaro.

ItalDesign, owned by the VAG Group, has partnered with Audi for the development of the crossover, to participate actively in the design and development of the model. In fact, in the factory in Nichelino, located a few kilometres from the company’s headquarters in Moncalieri, took place manufacturing of the prototype development of the model.

the design of The new Q2 was a joint work, between the department of design of Ingoldstadt, and the coachbuilder Italian, which between their historic designs with the first generation of the Golf, work of the own Giorgio Giugiaro.


much of the development took place in Italy.

The collaboration between the two was not only limited to the strokes exterior of the model, ItalDesign also participated in the engineering development and integration of electrical systems, in addition to the interior design, the aerodynamic study, or the systems of active and passive safety.

Probably it is due to this that the Q2 does not have the lines that differ inside the range. Despite having a design that exudes the DNA of the brand and their design language, the crossover features a reading proper to the common design of the signature of Ingoldstadt.

The only aspects of the development of the model in which the coachbuilder did not take part were those directly related to the platform, the well-known MQB that is used by other models of the German group, as well as the own engines and transmissions, employees of the own catalogue of the German firm.