Did you know that the Honda NSX hides a “mode of propulsion”?


The Honda NSX has a trick that makes it a sporty propulsion

it Seems that the Honda NSX hides many secrets in its interior. The new generation of the sport comes a step slow, but with a number of technology far superior to the previous model “analogous”. It has a powerful hybrid system that offers 573 HP and 644 Nm of maximum torque, combined to the four wheels. However, the vehicle hides a mode of propulsion a lot more fun.

interview Coach Nick Robinson, Dynamic Development Leader of the NSX, it extracts a part in which ensures that the vehicle can be put in mode propulsion. It is a “maintenance mode” which turns off the three electric motors of the vehicle (one at each front wheel and another coupled to the rear axle) and the ABS, forcing that only the block gas 3.5-liter V6 move the vehicle.

To activate this mode is a trick in the own vehicle, that the same Robinson declares that it looks like when we use codes cheats in a video game. When the Honda NSX activate this mode, the steering and handling are “strange” since they are configured so that the front wheels are also driving. It is true that the sports lose a little power in this mode, the V6 yields 507 HP and 550 Nm maximum torque when working only, but, however, it becomes a “machine drift“.


we’ll See some NSX propulsion competing

Loses some power but it becomes a “machine drift”

Reveal that the NSX can work exclusively with the combustion engine sent its power to the rear axle would not be no secret since in the interview he also claims that Honda have thought that a NSX powertrain will compete in the ascent to Pikes Peak.

We are confident that this particularity may be exploited by preparers to allow the pilot to choose which mode you want to do functional to the vehicle. A button to make us to change the setting between all-wheel-drive or rear-with a simple gesture.

Recall that the Honda NSX is a sports accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in only 3 seconds, and you can continue stepping on the accelerator until reaching speeds higher than 300 km/h. The price in Spain still don’t know for sure but we have as a reference of Germany, where part from 180,000 euros.


The price of this sporty hybrid is 180.000 euros