Did you know that the Tesla Model S can become the Lotus submarine James Bond?

We love Tesla Motors. So that means the work being done by this brand to escape the conventional and so fun ideas like “transform” for a moment your Tesla Model S in the Lotus submarine James Bond. In Tesla there are real geeks Silicon Valley, the kind that usually joke with jokes programmers, those who already jokes all the famous Schrödinger cat know. People willing to hide in the entertainment team some tricks Tesla Model S , also known as the Anglo-Saxons easter eggs , or eggs, as funny as these.

The “eggs” are jokes that programmers hide the code of your applications.

To activate only have to click the T Tesla at the top of the entertainment team of Model S, and log in to the administrator mode by entering the code “007”. Then you navigate to the setting menu suspensions of Tesla Model S and you’ll find the icon representing your car has been transformed by a submarine Lotus, where you can adjust the depth of dive.

Curiously, Lotus Esprit submarine Original Movie The Spy Who Loved Me was auctioned in 2013 and it looks like it was self Elon Musk is the highest bidder made with the car. A car which incidentally hid behind a curious story. One Lotus, which for a time was considered disappeared, ended in a shipping container abandoned later requisitioned and finally auctioned. A container for a couple would not have paid more than a few hundred dollars, not knowing that inside contained a gem worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Via: Jalopnik
In Diariomotor: The Lotus Esprit submarine and fully functional James Bond goes on sale

Lotus Esprit submarino

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