Did you know that you can exceed the continuous line to overtake a cyclist?

According to the DGT, in 2013, there were 1.565 accidents with cyclists on roads, 27% of the total. In those accidents on intercity highways died 45 cyclists, 65% of all cyclists who died that year. That means that the roads are a particularly dangerous place for the cyclist, especially in situations that generate a certain risk, such as overtaking. But what you know that you can exceed the continuous line to overtake a cyclist?

drivers can exceed a continuous line to overtake a bicycle, always and when the conditions of visibility and traffic allow.

The knowledge of this standard is really important, especially to avoid situations in which the lack of knowledge of the driver to be able to bring forward attempting to wrap your lane, without exceeding the continuous line. The rule that always prevails, in any case, remains that of maintaining a minimum 1.5 metres lateral distance with the rider, or the group of cyclists. And if possible, keep a greater distance. It also prevails, of course, the rule that the overtaking will only be performed in safe conditions, with no vehicles in front, and with enough visibility.

Before the overtaking, if necessary, we adjust our speed to that of the bicycle, even if that means even stop.

In the top video, produced by Mundo Mammoth, explains with detail the standard that we talk about in this article.

The car can invade, partial, or completely the opposite lane to maintain a lateral distance of safety of at least 1.5 meters.

According to the General Regulation of Circulation, the driver may pass the continuous line central, which delimits two lanes. Even if it is two lanes with a sense of circulation opposite. Another fact that is really important is the following, the driver can not only pass the continuous line, but also occupy, partially or totally, the opposite lane.

To perform this maneuver, of course, we have visibility enough to perform the overtaking safely, and to verify that you do not come from vehicles in front, or other bicycles on the road shoulder opposite (forward blocking the passage of bikes approaching from the front, in addition to illegal, is very dangerous). It is important to avoid overtaking in curves, without visibility, or changes of ground level.

Exceed the continuous line to overtake a bicycle is permitted for a very simple reason, the space and time that we need to overtake a bicycle, which moves at a velocity very small in comparison, is less than the time needed to overtake a car, or a truck, in the background is the reason why there is such a continuous line.

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