Did you know that you can request an Uber from Google Maps?


One of the must-have apps from our smartphone is without a doubt Google Maps. Daily we use for calculate routes by car or on public transport for travel within a city or for long distance travel, and even walking trails can teach us some other shortcut to go to work for example.

What many do not know is this app hides a functionality hidden that has been operational since last spring, and that is that Google Maps is integrated with taxi services and similes depending on the availability of the city.

Until now, Google Maps only it was a bridge between the path and the application (Uber, Hailo, …, for example in the city of Madrid) but in their last update already allows you to book directly from the same application.

the video shows the operation of this option. After choosing a route of interest are listed the different ways to reach the destination : by car, public transport or bus. If the service is available to the location where we are to appear another icon that represents a person with the raised arm (gesture of calling a taxi).

If we give you the option you will see a list of services, and its approximate price. In addition to displays the time that we will have to wait until you reach our requested vehicle.

once reserved for the middle we can do a follow-up of the same through the application of Maps and see for that part of the city is located. In addition allows you to display some data from the driver as your phone number so we can get in contact with him if you are there to give you some indication of interest before the meeting.


Without doubt this option allows you to speed up the task of book a transport service at a price that best suits us.