Did you like the new audi R8 Spyder? At the end of the summer you can have it in your garage

Audi has complied with the forecasts and in the New York Hall of 2016 has presented us a new generation of the Audi R8 Spyder, the variant convertible of the Audi R8. It is still early to know its price, but yes we already know as it will be on sale and no, it is not too much for the first units on the streets.

Audi Spain has announced that the reserves will begin in the summer and the first deliveries will take place at the end of this same season, so that, if it is to meet the forecasts, in September you’ll be able to already have your new Audi R8 Spyder in the garage.

does Your price? as we have mentioned has not been fixed by now an important game, so the only reference to it that we are the 191.800 € that is the cost of the coupe, which makes us think about 210.000 euros as a starting price.

Recall that this alternative is available, at least for now, only with the variant of 540 horses from the V10. has Not submitted the Plus version of 610 horses that there is in the case of the coupe.

As the main alternative to this Audi R8 Spyder we find a Porsche 911 turbo Cabriolet that part from 215.754 euros and has 540 horses.