Did you like the Renault Megane GT 2016? What if we see him dress Megane RS?

is one of the great innovations of this week. The Renault Mégane 2016 is official, and we’ve seen him dressed in their finery, well equipped and with a GT version, which a priori favors the aesthetic changes experienced by the bestseller French. Now, why not imagine him dress Renault Megane RS?

Renault Megane 2016: wider, lower, more spectacular

That has been what has become one of the best recreations designers who produce, X-Tomi Design, anticipating in this case to events with a view might look like the sportier version of the Renault Megane. A vision, of course, very realistic. We have a very striking and exotic color, orange, and detail of a more aggressive front apron, which fits with what we would expect in a hypothetical Mégane RS. And a five-door body, which fits us less, but which nevertheless makes it less attractive.

is too early to speak of a new Renault Megane RS, and even more to make conjectures about its mechanical and performance. Personally I would hand in the fire for a compact near 300 hp with dual clutch (possibly series).

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Renault Megane 2016: wider, lower, more spectacular

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