Did you want a BMW M4 GTS? Sorry, we have bad news…

BMW M4 has dressed circuit to give way to a BMW M4 GTS willing to conquer us with the strike of a part cycle more radical, a port more wild, more power and technology, with a injection system for water and optical OLED, but if you were thinking about buying one, we have bad news: its limited production has already been exhausted.

The Germany their price was almost double to that of the original M4:

From the Low Countries, from the hand of Autovisie, to warn us that the 700 units that was limited to this version of the BMW M4 are already assigned.

Remember that the BMW M4 GTS, had a starting price in Germany of it’s 142,000 euros, nearly double what it costs in German lands the BMW M4 Coupé “normal” part from 72.500 euros, compared to the 92.100 euros from which part in Spain.

An exclusive and prestacional version also introduces revolutions as the injection water or the OLED:

But… what is exactly special about the BMW M4 GTS in addition to their exclusive existence?

Heir of a saga that we remote to models such as M3 CSL or the M3 GTS, M4 GTS we proposed an aero kit, quite forceful, optical OLED, an interior configuration with a two-seater in which there are about bacquets in carbon fiber, a wide array of alcántara or the possibility of resorting to a roll cage, and of course, more power and improved part cycle.


In this way the well-known block 6-cylinder, supercharged and 3 liters of cubicaje, has been taken from the 431 horses to the 500 horsepower, increasing step the pair up to the 600 Nm. Is able to score a 0 to 100 km/h in 3.8 seconds and in addition is well dressed with a remarkable improvement of its chassis in which there is no lack of brakes carbocerámicos as part of the endowment of series, new stabilizer and shock absorbers, a revised subframe in aluminum, 20-inch wheels with tires Michelin Pilot Super Sport 2… simply spectacular.