Die Maria Teresa de Filippis, the first F1 driver in history

Maria Teresa de FilippisHas died the first woman who ran in F1, Maria Teresa de Filippis. Maria Teresa was born in Italy in 1926, and today the 9th of January 2016 has left us. It is important not only for being the first, but because in this sport engine, there are few women who can boast of having driven an F1 in an official manner and not only in the practice or test private. In fact, there has only been 5 women in the history of Formula 1 that have been able to run.

Maria Teresa de Filippis got to run in 5 Major Awards, debuting in 1958 and remained active until 1959. His debut was at the Monaco GP, a tough test to start in this sport, and it was also the Monaco GP 1959, which closed his short career as F1 driver. But in his short career, he was able to run in the car in which Juan Manuel Fangio had won his drivers title in 1957. Of these 5 GPs only disputaría 4, in the second managed to qualify to go in the race and finished 10th.

Maria Teresa de Filippis foto actual en el MaserattiYes, only in four of the five, the GP of France was not allowed to leave, claiming literally that “The only helmet a woman should wear is the one of barber.”. In the end, some things do not change, even today are still questioning the ability of women to compete equally in motorsport, and although little by little they begin to make it hollow, still do not take ne seriously and end up as test pilot or trapped in lower categories.

Maria Teresa de Filippis got in an epoch even more hard to be a woman than in ours. In his two years was able to ride with legends of the time with his Maserati in 1958 and his Porsche in 1959. Although the fate is not accompanied, as they could not qualify for leave in two GPs and two others ended with withdrawal, so the only GP that he actually came to finish 10th, the GP of Belgium, was the one that did him justice, though not added any point. From ActualidadMotor offer our condolences for this loss…