Dies Paolo Stanzani, the father of the Lamborghini Miura and Countach


Lamborghini Miura, considered the first supercar of the history.

Has died Paolo Stanzani, Italian engineer responsible for the Lamborghini most mythical of the history of the brand. Models like the Countach or the Miura we owe to this great Italian, who despite being the architect of some of the sport’s most mythical of the history it was only recognized by a few.

Generally, it is the designers of the body that carried merit, even though these were only engaged in “dressing” the creations of the engineers, who generally remain in the background. Stanzani was behind all the major projects of Lamborghini in its first period, including the Miura and the Countach.

If this last is without doubt the most recognizable of the brand from decades ago, the Miura rewrote the rules in the segment of sports, leading them to a new level thanks to the adoption of an architecture reserved almost exclusively to the vehicles of competition, the central engine.


Lamborghini Countach, the sport which marked a generation.

Paolo Stanzani was born 20 July 1936 and licenciaba in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bologna. Was only 30 years old when the Miura was presented, 5 years after leaving the university. I enter in the brand from SantAgata Bolognese in 1963, when the factory Italian he was only in the catalog, the 350 GT, 400 GT and the Islero.

Considered the father of the Miura and the Countach, Stanzani collaborated during his career with some of the most respected names in the industry, as Giampaolo Dallara, Enrico Bertone or Marcello Gandini, and after his time at Lamborghini, its stage the most famous, Stanzani was also protagonist anonymous of other historical moments in the world of motor Italian.

When in the eighties Ferruccio Lamborghini he expressed his desire to return to making cars – then, Ferruccio was no longer the owner of the trademark – Stanzani went to the entrepreneur Romano Artioli, which was suggested to resurrect the signature Bugatti.


The initial project of the Bugatti EB110 bears the sign of Stanzani, including the V12 engine with 60 valves and 4 turbos.

That was the germ of Bugatti Automobilli, the company creator of the spectacular Bugatti EB110, the hiperdeportivo more spectacular of the moment and in the Stanzani was part in their earliest stages.

Until Artioli threw out the initial ideas of a tubular frame, and the first designs, Stanzani participated actively to the dessert, it would be the car fastest production time, as well as being the first sport to have a frame of carbon-fiber and all-wheel drive.

With Stanzani, we will one of the characters of the old guard, one of the protagonists of the episodes most prominent in the motor world, those to which we allude, in not a few occasions when we have great stories and anecdotes in this particular universe.