Dies Timo Mäkinen, a great precursor to the 'flying finn'


The WRC has been dyed mourning by the death of Timo Mäkinen to
the 79-year-old
. The Finnish driver is one of the great precursors
in Finnish schools, formed by the ‘flying finn’. Although Timo Mäkinen not
got no title in the WRC, in large part, by its late founding, without doubt, was one of the drivers that consiguió make a difference in the decade of
by adding up three consecutive wins in the Rally of the 1000 Lakes
four ended by adding or reaching the victory in the Rally of
Monte carlo 1965
at the controls of a Mini Cooper S.

Timo Mäkinen began his relationship with the world of motoring as
seller of BMC
, so that unless specific tests with a Saab 95, Austin
Healey 3000, or a Volvo 544, played a large part of your rally at the controls of the
Mini Cooper S
, at least in its first stage competitive. With the compact
british got their greatest hits as their four wins in the Rally of
the 1,000 Lakes
, three of them in a row between 1965 and 1967. This last in addition to went to the story to play a big part of ‘Ouninpohja’
with the hood raised, getting the best time despite having to go skidding to be able to see.


The margin of their four wins in the Rally of 1000 Lakes
or his victory in Monte carlo, Timo Mäkinen accumulated other victories of great
merit during his 20 years as a professional pilot. Highlights its three entochados consecutive
at the Rally RAC
or their triumphs in the Ivory Coast, all of them at the controls of
the famous Ford Escort RS Mk.I and Mk.II In the final stretch of his career,
that coincided with the end of the decade of the 70, Timo Mäkinen expanded its
legacy competing with two co-pilots such as Jean Todt and Martin Holmes

All in all, if you talk about the legacy of Timo Mäkinen without
doubt there are that make reference to the saga of the Finnish pilots that emerged
the shadow of their successes and that they formed ‘flying finn’. Maybe your two students
most talented are Hannu Mikkola and Markku Alén, although many of the ‘finns flying’ who came to the WRC in their first years of life they had in
Mäkinen a great reference. So assessed by the committee of experts that
included Timo Mäkinen in the ‘Hall of Fame‘ rally. Rest in peace.