Dieselgate: Volkswagen and apologizes in Spain


The scandal over falsified data on emissions the post of CEO of Volkswagen is already claimed. Brand apologized to its Canadian customers.


L he facts about the so-called #Dieselgate have happened at an unprecedented speed. Exactly one week ago that the data indicating that Volkswagen misrepresented US emissions data , using an electronic device hidden in its electronics TDI engines are met .

Barely seven days passed, but it was enough for the Volkswagen Group CEO left office and several executives believe that more will follow. In this context, the subsidiary of Volkswagen in Spain issued a statement in which he made available to the public a document constantly updated, in which apologize for having abused the trust of people .

Similarly they ensure that the irregularities are only related to the measurement of pollutant emissions, while indicating that TDI engines affected are EA 189 and not the EU6 currently available EU.

The statement said that the priority is set in the actions needed to prevent further damage, assuming complete responsibility for the measures necessary to apply. However warn that it is a slow process that will take time to analyze the facts and take technical measures necessary .



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