Dieter Gass replaces Dr. Ullrich to the front of Audi Sport


The output of Audi in the WEC is not the only anticipated change in the sports programme of the brand in Ingolstadt, the entire time that the Dieter Gass will take up the role of Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich as the Technical Director of Audi Sport. In its 66 years, the iconic head of the department sports the German firm has decided to stand aside and leave the role of Technical Director Dieter Gass, until now head of Audi in the DTM. All in all, Dr. Ullrich is not removed immediately and advise Dieter Gass during 2017, the year in which he ends his contract.

as Well as explained the own Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich: Dieter Gass is going to lead Audi Sport during this next stage of transformation and will continue to write the success story of Audi in the competition. You know Audi Sport like few others, met a great amount of knowledge that Audi has benefited from his return in 2012. After one year as responsible of the competition of Audi and four years as Director of DTM, reaches a new stage. I Will help in my new role as advisor. I know that the future of Audi Sport is in good hands with Dieter Gass”.

The great goal of the Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich in his last months in Audi Sport is to stop all tied up as a consultant Dieter Gass, especially in relation to the project to the new project of the mark in Formula E: “I enjoyed a lot during
my 23 years at the head of Audi Sport. We celebrate
great successes and I have had the opportunity to work alongside many people
great. The same thing
I can say about our teams and partners. The Board of Directors had
faith in us even in the most difficult stages, and I think that we have
justified this confidence time and time again based on great victories and titles won“.

For his part, Dieter Gass assumes the responsibility
happen to one of the responsible sport’s most successful: The footprint left behind Wolfgang Ullrich is very large.
Has been at the forefront of Audi Sport 23 years and has achieved achievements
exceptional during this long period of time. In addition to the development
global sponsorship of teams and countless championships in competitions
of super cars, the 13 victories in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and numerous
titles in the DTM. And I cannot fail to mention the development of the department
competition for customers of Audi. stories like yours are very
difficult to see in the motorsport