Difficult 12 hours of Mugello for Robert Kubica


Robert Kubica not had a debut peaceful resistance. Despite the excitement for his return to the circuit more than five years after his accident and his last race, the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi Formula 1 2010, the Polish was not an easy race. Robert Kubica and Martin Prokop completed on the position 44 of the 12 Hours of Mugello at the wheel of the Mercedes-Benz SLS GT3 of the team from the Czech rider. The usual partner of the WRC were harmed by a tap on the output and a mechanical breakdown.

The weekend began in a promising way for the couple Kubica-Prokop. The Polish grazed the pole during a large phase of the classification, but finally the Mercedes-Benz SLS GT3 #777 dropped to the third position, being overtaken by the Lamborghini of Christian Engelhart and by the Ferrari of Rory Butcher. A performance which however could not be consummate in the race already in the first round, Kubica suffered a touch in the first round. A mishap is not too serious, but which damaged the suspension of the vehicle, and that cost the team to lose 35 laps, nothing more to start.


The work in the pit garage of the team of Martin Prokop took off and the
team was able to get back on track around the first hour of the race. To
from there, Robert Kubica and Martin Prokop scored a pace quite
positive and consistent
, and even traced up to the position 34 of the
career. However, at the time best team, the Mercedes-Benz
SLS GT3 suffered problems in the change
that they forced to a new step
extended by the box. Finally, Kubica and Prokop had to
to conform with a 44th place that does not justify the good debut of

┬┐And now? Robert Kubica commented before you travel to Mugello
that his participation alongside Martin Prokop is in principle something
, a particular challenge that does not involve a program of several appointments,
evidence that, in principle, if you will make Prokop. With an undefined future in the
WRC after giving up his participation in the Rally of Sweden,
big question remains that will make Robert Kubica in 2016
. Options will not
missing and even seems to have a firm proposal from Mercedes
compete in the DTM, but for the moment, the ex-pilot of Formula 1 has not
made a decision