Diospyros: the new creation of Carlsson Mercedes S-Class Cabrio

Carlsson is a
trainer that has us very accustomed to seeing the most radical and
sporty of the range Mercedes through their packages and adjustment programs.
However, such creations as that here are conspicuous by their absence
in the catalogue of preparer German. We present to you “Diospyros“, the new creation of Carlsson Mercedes S-Class Cabrio.

Carlsson Diospyros Mercedes Clase S Cabrio

Diospyros is the nickname that receives the new creation of the preparer Carlsson Mercedes S-Class Cabrio.

Looking to reach a new level of sophistication and a certain exotic air, the new package of enhancements from Carlsson for the S-Class Cabrio allows us to redesign the interior and providing it with an external image exclusive. The bodywork is painted in color “Carlsson Heritage Green” which is combined with various details in the finish with piano lacquer. This color has been created exclusively by the preparer German.

Another of the strong points is the front grille on which the logo Diospyros focuses all of the attention. new rims EVO 20-inch designed especially for the occasion represent the final detail all the changes made to the exterior of the Carlsson Diospyros. On the other hand, the LED lights later allow you to create the effect of width for this luxury convertible which has managed to harmonize elements of vintage with a sporty character.

Leaving to one side the outside and focusing on the interior of the Diospyros, we find an interior in which the noble materials and finishes of first level take the leading role. Have been added new insertions and details in wood exclusive as well as a new upholstery made of high quality nappa leather.

Carlsson Diospyros Mercedes Clase S Cabrio

The Carlsson Diospyros account with a exterior and interior, specific for the occasion.

colour of Vintage Cognac” has been chosen by Carlsson to add a light touch to the set and create an interesting contrast with the new upholstery. In short, we are faced with an interior whose atmosphere is inviting us to feel comfortable and relaxed both when we drive with the roof open or closed. Comfort and luxury will be present at all times within the Diospyros.

Going to the (mechanical, keep in mind that the trainer has a series of kits potentiation with the increasing performance and power depending on engine in which we find ourselves. This is not the first time that Carlsson prepares a Mercedes S-Class Cabrio.

┬┐Its price? The new Carlsson Diospyros is already for sale, from 214,000 euros euros. The price will vary depending on the equipment and the engine equips the Mercedes S-Class Cabrio in question. Not otherwise specified so that we can count on the fact that the program settings Diospyros will be available to all versions that make up the range of the S-Class Cabrio.