Disastrous results for the Renault Kwid and other indian cars crash test Global NCAP

Global NCAP is an international organisation associated to EuroNCAP, based in London. Is responsible for carrying out crash tests of new cars, but is not limited to vehicles on sale in the european market. Its latest round of analysis has focused on seven cars affordable to the sale in the indian market. The result could not have been worse: the seven have earned zero stars. The worst part is the has taken the long-awaited Renault Kwid, whose three versions show results little consistent performance and lousy in the case of a crash.

It was rumored the launch of a Dacia Kwid in Europe, but apparently seen, does not seem to me a desirable product on the european roads.

Renault Kwid is the cheapest car ever manufactured by Renault, the sales in India for the equivalent of less than 3,500 euros. You would think that Renault would care the safety of your urban star, taking into account that for decades have built their business strategy in the excellent notes EuroNCAP of their european vehicles. The Renault Kwid is offered in several versions. The cheapest you don’t even have the possibility of assembling an airbag, and is as was to be expected, the worst-stop has gone in Global NCAP.

Zero stars, and the almost-certain death of the occupants in a crash at 64 km/h against a barrier, collapsible, with an overlap of 40%. A standard test – identical to those of EuroNCAP – which has finished with pillars bent as if they were made of of aluminium film, and a few occupants trapped in a frightening jumble of metal and plastic. The cabin of other versions equipped with the Renault Kwid maintain their shape, but even their version with airbag has obtained zero stars.

Since the minimum security legal of a car is limited to belts in India, no one bothers to make them safe in case of an accident.

don’t understand the performance little consistent of this city, as well as the comparative injury – to put it mildly – to those who can not pay the Kwid more equipped. – You do not should have a structure whose behavior is the same as in the case of an accident? is Manufactured with steel of a lesser quality, the Kwid access? Renault has promised improvements in urban access, which have already sold 50,000 units in the sub-continent. The result obtained for the other cars is not much better.

global-ncap-accidentes-3 Hyundai Eon and Maruti Suzuki Celerio – especially the latter – if they keep your car stable, but the absence of airbags series continues to be a serious danger to the occupants in the event of an accident. Two other vehicles were tested: the Mahindra Scorpio and Maruti Suzuki Eeco, an suv and a small minivan. On both cars the result has been as bad as in the case of the Renault Kwid access, reminding us of those terrifying crash-tests vehicles in china.

Source: Global NCAP