Discover the Career Mode of F1 2016 with this new trailer

The countdown to the arrival of the official video game of the Formula 1 World Championship 2016 is nearing completion. The next August 19 you will be able to acquire the new F1 2016, and taking advantage of that this date is just around the corner, the guys from Codemasters and Koch Media have released a new trailer focused on one of the game modes that will offer this new installment of the franchise.

In particular, it is a trailer of the “Career Mode”. A mode very complete game that ranks as one of the central pillars of the new video game, thanks to which covering a total of ten seasons. In this mode, players will be able to choose your character, helmet and race number portaremos during the seasons in which to compete. Subsequently we have to choose one of the 11 teams with which we want to start our adventure in the highest category in the world engine.

The game also allows us to choose which member of the team will be our companion. Obviously, the teams with the highest scores will be offered better expectations to the players. Cars more competitive and, ultimately, more likely to rise with the title of champion of the drivers ‘ championship Formula 1.

F1 2016

F1 2016 will be available for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

In comparison with previous installments of the franchise, there are many other new features that help the player to enjoy a gaming experience much more immersive. For example, we will live the excitement and tension of the formation lap where we will warm up the tires or the start of the race manual, on which we shall have to put the fly at the right time. Otherwise, if we make an exit out of time, you will receive a penalty.

yes, like in the previous games, the strategy will continue to be vital to be able to dictate to our opponents. At the time of performing the “pit stops”, we can choose to control manually the entry to the pit lane, which means brake at the right time to adjust our speed to the allowed. And out of the track, the players must decide how to upgrade your car by consulting with his team of engineers and developers. We can also negotiate along the seasons change team.

Another of the new features that was announced with the occasion of the launch of this new trailer is that F1 2016 will have a “Championship Multiplayer” that will enable up to 22 players compete among themselves during the course of a season. Players will be able to compete between them on the same team or in different teams to take the title of world champion.

F1 2016

F1 2016 it will hit the stores physical and digital in the next 19 August.

F1 2016 will also feature the new street circuit of Baku and at the level of the teams, the main novelty is the inclusion of Haas F1 Team. On the other hand, the limited edition F1 2016 will include the pack downloadable “Career Booster” with the players have an initial advantage at the starting time in the career mode. In particular, the player will receive the “Enhancer of Research and Development” as well as a helmet of race-exclusive and designs for your laptop.