Discover the new Mercedes Class X in 60 seconds with this interesting video

Mercedes Clase X 2018

Mercedes Class X. The new pick-up from Mercedes that will be manufactured in Spain.

Mercedes is back in the market for pick-up. Just two days ago that in an event organised by the mark of the star in the City of Cape town (south Africa) showed the world its new proposal for this category. The new Mercedes s Class X. Versatile, strong, practical and very functional. The new Mercedes model has been conceived to be, according to the German firm, “the first pick-up premium of the market”.

From the first moment of its launch the new Mercedes Class X will be available along with an array composed of three lines of equipment (Pure, Progressive, and Power). Each of them will present a picture of the exterior and interior are specific to capture the attention of a particular audience. From the client to urbanite looking for an off-road different to the most demanding professional.

beyond its design, the new Class X will have a complete technological equipment and a supply mechanics very interesting. If you want to know the main features of the new pick-up German, you can do it in just 60 seconds. Mercedes-Benz has released a new video on its YouTube channel that reveals to us the most relevant aspects of the Mercedes Class X.

Know the major features of the new Mercedes Class X in just 60 seconds.

The offer mechanics is composed of engines of four and six-cylinder in both petrol as well as diesel. However, this last option would be predominant. The power range will go from the 163 HP version more highly diluted up to the 190 HP of the more powerful engine. Depending on the choice made, we’ll work with rear-wheel drive or total 4Matic. There will also be possibility to choose between a manual change of six speeds or an automatic gearbox 7G-TRONIC Plus.

The new Mercedes Class X also keeps a close relationship with the Renault Alaskan and Nissan NP300 Navara. Such is this connection between the three pick-up, that Class X will be manufactured in Spain. More specifically, in the plant that Nissan has in Barcelona city. In the future it will also be produced in the factory of Renault in Córdoba (Argentina).

marketing in our market will start at the end of this year. From the month of November. For the moment it is unknown their prices to Spain, but we know that in Germany will be available from the 37.294 euros.