Discover what offers us Gran Turismo Sport with this new trailer gameplay

If just a few days ago we published a gameplay of Gran Turismo Sport, the guys from PlayStation Spain have revealed that it is the third trailer gameplay of this latest installment of the famous saga of video games driving GT Sport was introduced to world at E3 2016. An awesome video of more than eight minutes of duration in which we will be able to discover everything it has to offer with Gran Turismo Sport.

A delivery that has been defined by some fans as a sort of new “Prologue”, the truth is that you will be quite far from such an orientation. Gran Turismo Sport we have a wide variety of game modes among which are the following: Arcade, Campaign, Brand Central, Sport Mode, Getaways and Editor of Vinyl. In addition, we must add the functions to the social networks that we offer.

One of the strongest points that have Gran Turismo Sport is an audiovisual section. By a part we will have a few graphics far above the rest of its competitors as much on PS4 as on other platforms and in which we emphasize the lighting. One of the central pillars of the graphic engine that moves GT Sport. In addition, all seasoned with a soundtrack that will make our delicacies.

Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport will be over 130 cars, 19 locations and 27 circuits.

And to complete such driving modes, players will have at their disposal 117 events “off-line”, a total of 137 cars, 19 locations and 27 circuits in which to enjoy models such as the Ford Mustang GT, Mazda MX-5, Ferrari LaFerrari or the Mercedes-AMG GT S, among others. And as to the paths available, no shortage of scenarios such as the Nürburgring Nordschleife or the legendary Tokyo Expressway.

on the other hand, and although, in principle, much had criticized the possibility that Gran Turismo Sport devoid of events off-line, something that will not be so, it is clear that with this installment the study behind its development has wanted to turn to the sector of e-sports (known as eSports). Competitions, events, tournaments, and even the possibility of acquiring a digital license of the FIA, will be some of the possibilities that we have at our disposal.

¿When it will come to the market? As well we have been talking about, the Gran Turismo Sport will disembark in european lands the next 16 of November. Let us remember that it is an exclusive to PlayStation 4.