Discover your new BMW M3 had been thoroughly tested by Top Gear

Prueba BMW M3 DKGRob Willis is a british 27 year old enthusiast of the car who wants to make his dream a reality. And finally get done with a brand-new BMW M3 blue Yas Marina (very similar to the one we tested) for a reasonable price £ 50,000 (some 69,000 euros). But what Rob didn’t know is that her car had previously been squeezed on Top Gear.

After a few days with the car, they begin to be heard “odd noises”. Also a mechanical sound rolling down the highway. Having observed these problems both in the brakes as in the direction, the customer decides to take it back to the dealer for solutions to the problem. There they decide to contact headquarters in Germany, since that had never worked with brake carbonocerámicos as the M3.

Prueba BMW M3 DKGRob has left BMW 330d xDrive as a replacement vehicle and returned home waiting for them to solve the bugs in his new BMW M3. However, a day watching the popular program car, Top Gear, you realize that the vehicle that you just acquire is the same as that of Jeremy Clarkson tested thoroughly on circuit, leaving long trails of smoke as she stepped aside in each curve.

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