Discovered the chassis of a Corvette C7 in the battery lab GM


Mule test of the C7 Corvette testing what appears to be a system of batteries.

so apparently casual, a publication australian who was visiting the Laboratory of batteries General Motors is faced with a rack of the current C7 Corvette. These facilities have as the only function to test the batteries of the models, to assess their performance and adapt them to the prototypes. So the presence of a frame of the Corvette in that place could only mean that in the battery laboratory at GM are working on the model in question.

Never in all the history of the Corvette had been the subject of so much rumour and conjecture. Despite the fact that the theory of the Corvette mid-engine takes to be the shadow that precedes the presentation of each new generation, in this occasion, virtually is something that is taken for granted. In the same way that the possible electrification of the Corvette.

A version hybrid or electric sports we could almost define them as inevitable. Perhaps not now, but certainly in a future closer than you can imagine the more purists. Until Ford has already announced an upcoming hybrid version of the Mustang, and the rivals of the Corvette will not take long to dispose of this mechanical architecture. The Honda NSX is a good example of this.


The apparent first evidence of the testing of electrical systems in a ‘Vette.

The sighting at the facilities of GM in Warren, Michigan, there is not a single image, but the publication ensures that identified the model thanks to the coding that showed, “Y1BC”, code name for the C7 Corvette today.

Does just a few weeks I brought the images of one of the mules testing more strange that we had seen in the last times of the Corvette. This seemed to correspond with one of the test units of the ZR1 and thanks to these spy photos were taken from the air, we could contemplate what that peeked through the rear window. In the vain back were what appeared to be a pack of batteries and a large tangle of electrical wires.

Rumors about the hybrid version of the Corvette there have been several, and even from that Chevrolet registered the name E-Ray there are those who have arrived to ensure that we will see the next arrival of a Corvette fully electric. But we must think with consistency, and that the rumors, including those that have an insider as the source remain rumours and the different divisions of a brand involved in the development of new elements or models to do just that, test models.


The alleged mule testing of the E-Ray with the configuration of the ZR1.

The presence of a frame incompleteness of a Corvette current in the battery lab GM can mean many things, from nothing to that the brand is using the rack for some kind of evidence, either with a view to implementing something new to the Corvette range or merely as a test bench for rolling stock.