Discovered the Chevrolet Corvette C7 ZR-1 2018, a beast with 700 HP under its hood


The unit in question has been discovered, with much camouflage, especially in the front

yes, Well, a mysterious unity of evidence has been discovered rolling in the united States. A Corvette in disguise has posed for the objectives. Nothing more to analyze the photos one realizes that this “Vette” is different to the current, with an image more powerful and radical, which makes us see that we are faced with the Chevrolet C7 Corvette ZR-1 2018.

we All know that the next generation of the american icon will move their engine to the front axle to the central portion. The first mule test Corvette 2019 have already been discovered, although in a state of primeval. However, this is not the case, because, as you can easily verify, the engine is in the front.

We are, therefore, faced with the swan song of the seventh generation of the Corvette. That unit that will come to stand as the most powerful, insane and wild of all that has been. In fact this is not the first time that speculation with this theory, because, as we have already commented Chevrolet had been discovered recording once more the appellation ZR-1.


The brakes have been other elements identifying the unit ZR-1

Neither will it be the first time that we see these acronyms are associated with the more sporty of the Chevrolet, because in past generations, such as the fourth and the sixth, was already used to that, like now, the drive ZR-1 was the maximum expression of the generation. The most powerful, the fastest, the most radical.

As we can see in the images the design will change to suit a new configuration. The hood seems not only bigger, but also has more openings and an air intake much more exaggerated that any of the Chevrolet Corvette today. Something that indicates to us that in that engine bay hides a beast considerable.

If we take into account that the last of the Corvette ZR-1 had 650 horses, it is logical to think that Chevrolet want to exceed that mark. The figure that all the world deck is 700 horses. Made from a V8 LT5 with two turbos that will be equipped with an automatic gearbox that should be able to manage such a disproportionate number of power and torque.


The fattest of the Corvette engine in the front is on the way

we’ll Still have to wait to see this latest Corvette front motor. Everything points that it will not be until the Detroit motor show in 2018, when we see him. Just a year before his predecessor, that he is called to fight you to you with the great rivals of the segment, such as Porsche or Ferrari.