Discovered the Lexus LF-LC Hybrid on the German roads

we could Easily cross to the Lexus brand’s refined and aburguesada, we would be mistaken. Your fleet of models is fully loaded drives great luxury and comfort, designed for everyday use and luxurious. But every once in a when we see how we are diverted from that line and throw themselves to the creation of more units sports. The Lexus LF-LC Hybrid will be one of those units, although in format eco-friendly.


The unit tests has been detected in Germany

10 years Ago that Lexus released its first hybrid. Today the greater part of the range uses this technology, except models highly sports as the RC F or the latest Lexus GS F that we have tested in the Jarama. The future tends to hybridization, including the units most sports, how will the LF-LC Hybrid.

The first time we saw it we noticed that Lexus wanted to make it as real as possible to the prototype from which to derive this unity, the Lexus LF-LC Concept presented at the Detroit motor show 2012. Your lines are absolutely amazing and its similarity with the concept is more than evident, although there are still details to know.

This future-coupe configuration 2+2, you must fight against major rivals in the segment such as the BMW 6 Series or Mercedes S-Class Coupe. To do so, will gala of the usual quality and refinement of Lexus, combining it with a lot of technology and livability. However the real news will come installed in the engine bay.

The first reports indicate that the LF-LC (the name still not official) it will use a V8 engine of five litres, the same as that of the RC F, which will be added to by an electric thruster and a set of high-capacity batteries, the Advanced Lexus Hybrid Drive. It should leave a power of about 550 HP, although this is an approximate figure.


The high content of camouflage prevents guess the lines definitive of this sporty hybrid

By the time is all that is known of the Lexus LF-LC production. It is soon to determine more progress, but it is significant the fact that the japanese brand has exported the set up of the unit from the united States to Germany. Their public appearance will not be until next year, at the end, and since as a model of the 2017.