Discovered the Subaru Impreza 2017 in its compact version and sedan

Subaru is not a brand that we are very accustomed to renew their fleet on a regular basis. Yes that rejuvenates their models with some regularity, but we’ve never seen the japanese so active as now. From the united States we get the first images of the Subaru Impreza 2017, both in its compact version as a sedan.


The unit has maintained an appearance similar to the current

just a few days Ago Subaru showed us a prototype on which he hoped to base the Impreza 2017, the Subaru Impreza Concept. Although it only was exposed in a compact form, we know that the japanese brand seguirá manufacturing a bodywork sedan with three volumes clearly differentiated.

The first thing you see in pictures is the compact. Coated with a generous amount of camouflage, the mule testing yes that makes clear the design change to the model you will receive. Your front is much sharper than the current, and although the natural line would hold, the rear also receives changes, especially a rear-mounted new design, very similar to the prototype of the Hall of Tokyo 2105.

The Impreza can’t lose your body sedan. It is the great dominating in different markets, and this is why Subaru is working on parallel development. Unlike its brother compact to this unit we can see with much less camouflage, even so account with it, and makes it difficult for us to find out your final design.

however we observe the same features in the hatchback. The nose is low and sharp, and the headlights change their design completely. Also the rear become more sharp and get to play part of the tailgate, something that currently is not happening.


Many design changes coming up for the sedan version of the Impreza

Beneath these bodies viniladas Subaru is working on the development and implementation of a new modular platform. Both models are the equipped, with a distance between axes equal. In terms of engines, Subaru is also refining the behavior of their engines boxer four-cylinder, which will be able to deliver greater power without the consumption will be affected by this.