Discovering what lurks Christmas with Audi

Are you able to see beyond what you see with your own eyes think ?, What does not materialize before your eyes there ?, the new Audi Night Vision Assistant will show you that the world is full of mysteries and aspects that often escape our own logic, you will see an awesome video?

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The ability of the human eye to see what’s happening around you is not comparable with the almighty system that includes the new Audi Night Vision Assistant , a security technology that detects people or animals or any other entity 300m away and in the dark.

Can you imagine running down night in the hours before Christmas Eve, I lost in the vastness of the night and suddenly see a being who stops on the road, and you can only see the security system Audi Night Vision Assistant , what would you do if it is just an advanced technology that is able to detect this mysterious entity who can not see with your own eyes?

The Thriller and magic Christmas take over the new video signature Audi brings these upcoming dates to surprise us all and leave us with his mouth open as if we came back to our childhood and we sorprendiƩramos for everything we see for the first time.

There inexplicable events in our world and which is beyond our understanding. Today, only believe what we see, but not vice versa. The new security Audi , which you can see in this video, is to confirm that beyond the apparent materials or occurring before our eyes, it is a complex universe.

Series infantiles para ver con tus hijos

His film “What Christmas hides” was created to congratulate all followers of mark these dates so endearing and remind them life is much more than what we see with our own. This film you can see on youtube, facebook and twitter and share via hashtag #LoQueLaNavidadEsconde . As if this was not enough, from next December 25th film will be shown in many theaters in Barcelona and Madrid.

Do you ?, Do you believe in magic and mystery of the July ?, what do you think about the new Audi security?

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