DMC 488 GTB Orso, seeking to refine the supercar Italian

DMC 488 GTB Orso

The new DMC 488 GTB Orso is a work done on the Ferrari 488 GTB.

When the new Ferrari 488 GTB came on the market, it received both good and bad reviews. Of course, a V8 engine Twin-Turbo is far from a naturally aspirated engine, in detail “minor” that has made many wonder collectors of supercars from italy, this model of Ferrari. In DMC have wanted to give it a try. And this is the result, the new DMC 488 GTB Orso.

A complete package of improvements that provides us with both modifications at the level aesthetically (interior and exterior) as in the section mechanic. In the first place, and commenting on the changes that jump out at you, we see that the Ferrari 488 GTB prepared by DMC receives a body kit composed by a new spoiler for the front bumper, some side skirts aero profile, a new rear diffuser as well as a rear spoiler of large size.

on the other hand, as a stroke end, DMC shows us a new game alloy wheels forged lightweight 20 and 21 inch (front and rear axle) with a unique design for this model.

DMC 488 GTB Orso

in Addition to aesthetic modifications, DMC 488 GTB Orso gets dressed up with a body kit.

In regard to the interior, we can say that, yes, there will be modifications. While DMC has not provided any image of the passenger compartment, the trainer makes clear that to offer you a wide range of possibilities with which you can configure and customize to our liking the interior of the supercar Ferrari. A large variety of leathers in Italian of the highest quality or carbon fiber inserts are some of the items for which we can choose.

Going to the (mechanical, DMC offers us a series of changes that make it more prestacional the V8 engine. After to replace the exhaust system by one under the seal and reprogram the ECU, it has been achieved that the V8 engine to develop 788 HP and 865 Nm of maximum torque. An increase fairly important if we take into account that the engine throws a series “modest” figure of 670 HP and 760 Nm, respectively.

in Addition to everything mentioned above, each customer who opts for this program settings of DMC for the Ferrari 488 GTB, you will also receive a gift of a housing created by the tax preparer for the iPhone. Presented in a gift box with some of the details are very well maintained by way of a gift by trust in their packages of improvements. It is also on sale in the online store of the trainer.

DMC 488 GTB Orso

The profile of the DMC 488 GTB Orso to detail.