Do 420 bhp for the BMW i8? After the washing of the face could be almost as powerful as the BMW M4

Are working on BMW to offer a facelift of the BMW i8? This is not the first time we spoke of this possibility, in fact we had already made our own assumptions about the changes that could have a renewed BMW i8, but we now come new rumors about a face wash that, among other changes, would lead to the BMW i8 until the 420 horses.

The BMW i8 has a starting price in Spain 139.200€:

sport hybrid BMW, this coupe 2+2 futuristic appearance, you would receive, as we have from Autocar, an increase of power, leading to the hybrid, which, let us remember with a turbo engine of three cylinders, until the 420 horses from the 362 horses original.

This increase of power would, in large part, due to the presence of a new electric motor more powerful. In addition, the 6-speed automatic transmission receive a new tune and would install a new battery pack with better range.

in Addition, we would be faced with an evolution of the tuning of your chassis and enter the recharge via induction.

of course we can not overlook details seen on other models, such as the key of the BMW 7 Series or ability to parking remote or the use of wheels carbon fiber in the BMW M4 GTS.