Do a MINI for 300 horses? Yes, Manhart has made it possible

Manhart has thought that to be the best, not had enough with the 231 horses, MINI, series, more radical, MINI John Cooper Works and they have presented us with a program of empowerment, ready to take him to the territory of the Audi S3 and the Volkswagen Golf R, ready to become the suv, the GTI, most piquant of all.

Equipped with a new intercooler, an ECU up-to-date and a new exhaust system, signed by Remus, the block of 2 liters of the MINI JCW has past, of the 231 horses to the 300 horses, reaching from step a couple of 470 Nm versus 320 Nm to delivery originally the model.

in Addition, to further improve its dynamics, Manhart has installed a new bar of turrets in carbon fiber and an adjustable suspension with the seal of KW.

But, do not there are aesthetic changes?

To introduce this extra power Manhart has resorted to an extensive repertoire of vinyls and some new rims, but no, there are no changes in your body. Where changes have been introduced is in a compartment in which it has worked in the upholstery of the seats, with seams of yellow and a finish in diamonds, by supplementing it all with a few mouse mats new and a steering wheel trimmed in alcantara.

manhart_mini_f300_jcw_DM_3 what about The price? Manhart has not been pronounced, but remember that in Spain, the MINI JCW has a starting price of 31.750 € and its main rival is the Audi S1, also with 231 horses but with all-wheel drive.

The reduction of height looks really good from your behind:


image Gallery of the MINI JCW of Manhart: