Do BMW i8 2.0? These are the 4 technologies that BMW should introduce an updated i8

Sound the drums of war and the idea of the arrival of a BMW i8 Spyder production has already starred in a new wave of rumors that they also speak of a possible update for the BMW i8 you already know, for the coupe. Now ben, what we should find in this BMW i8? And not, it is not to say that the 6-cylinder in line M3.

An evolution of your multimedia system:

Coach has been the main instigator to get us to think in this small evolution of the BMW i8 taking advantage of the alleged deployment of the BMW i8 Spyder, an evolution that makes a lot of sense if we take into account that the BMW i8 is the showcase technology of the mark, and that there are already other models of the brand that have surpassed him in this aspect, technologically, in certain aspects.

One of the points improved that you could find in the BMW i8 would be the of your multimedia system. We could find ourselves, based on our experience with the BMW Series 7, a small evolution of their interface, and especially the incorporation of gestural control, allowing functions such as lowering the volume or move through the menus, without the need of touching the screen.

Parking self through your wrench with digital display:

Another of the novelties introduced by BMW in the 7-Series is its function parking self. Thanks to the incorporation of the wrench with digital display, introduced with the BMW i8, we can move our car to park it more comfortably from outside the car, in tight spots.

what is greater autonomy?

Coach has pointed to that in the CES we could find ourselves with an evolution of the hybrid system of BMW i8, reminding us a greater autonomy. Recall that the BMW i8 has a mechanical power 367 horses and autonomy in all-electric mode for 37 km, with its combustion engine, a block supercharged 3-cylinder engine, with total traction and automatic change.

do you Have lights OLED as the M4 GTS?

Of the hand of the M4 GTS the German firm leads to production lenses OLED that open the door to new options for lighting, especially focusing on the dynamics of the lights projected. BMW is a pioneer in this line, and after the GTS we could find ourselves with an i8 with lenses even more spectacular.