Do even more extra hours of work from your car with Harman and Microsoft

Microsofr y Harman Office en coche autónomoThat the autonomous car, early implantation according to the technology revolution that is assuming, offers a series of advantages compared to the conventional it is undeniable. But it seems that no one is to think of the negative consequences. Or at least dressed up as virtues. It is the case of a new partnership and prototype Harman and Microsoft, which allows you to literally to move the office to your car. What we know at CES in Las Vegas.

One of the virtues of the autonomous car is that of not having to drive. A virtue that allows you to dedicate your time to other tasks. And it seems that the future in the car is going to translate in to watch movies. But not much since you can work as in your office while you’re headed to a destination. This is the idea, and already quite developed, you have these two companies on the autonomous car.

Microsofr y Harman Office en coche autónomoThe dashboard will be transformed into screens that display the information that we need on contacts, reports… All of this will be based on Microsoft’s Office 365, which includes a series of applications for office now available and integrated into the multimedia system of the car. Logically some of the applications will only be available on stand or with the stand-alone system activated.

The case is that Harman has been dedicated to make it easy to control this package from Microsoft and will do so in several ways. You will be able to control voice, but also by the touch controls. One of the new features coming will be the gestural control, that will be another of the possibilities of this new multimedia system with Office integrated.

With the autonomous car in sight on the streets, it will not be surprising that this binomial Harman-Microsoft is the first to arrive to the autonomous cars of the series. Curious, in any case, it is seen as a virtue to work on the car. In reality doesn’t have to be such a virtue or solution. If what we seek is to work from the car, why we are not less stupid and directly work from home?