Do I see double? The madness of the day: a school bus that is the same for up down

mankind was always fascinated by the symmetry, in the human body, in nature, in art and in the universe as a whole. Maybe that’s why this school bus seems to us a madness, a madness that we love. Steve Braithwaite and his partner Tom Brown, who had the happy idea of creating a school bus is very special, by taking the ingenious initiative, which conducted years ago such a Ben Cohen (maybe for that name not sound like absolutely nothing, but when I tell you that is the Ben of Ben & Jerry’s).

This bus is inspired on the initiative of the Ben of Ben & Jerry’s years ago, he created his own bus twice to raise awareness in society of the huge expense of the united States in military affairs.

To create a school bus twice, and as you’re imagining, Steve and Tom needed to use as the basis for two school buses it was necessary to dismantle, cutting, and welding, to create a visual illusion as amazing as this and merge two buses into one. To finish the job that were needed, nothing more and nothing less than six months, and even create specific machinery to work with the buses, including a kind of axis, or lathe, to rotate them.

And what leads someone to use 6 months of work in such a company? Apparently Tom and Steve were fascinated by the Topsy Turvy the founder of Ben & Jerry’s was commissioned by Harrod Blank and Wally Glenn (see link). The initiative of Ben Cohen, in turn, was no other than to draw attention. And far from what you can imagine, I didn’t want to draw attention to his famous chain of ice cream parlours, or use it as a showcase for advertising, but to call attention to the american society of the enormous investment of the united States in intelligence and military matters, in comparison with other important issues such as education, health, the environment, or the social services.

I don’t know how to see it. But one type that has focused its business to endulzarnos life, which makes a school bus, double -, and that also cares about such matters of vital importance to the society, it is impossible for us to fall ill.

Source: Barcroft Cars
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