Do most Audi “Made in Spain”? The upcoming Audi A1 will be produced in Martorell

Important news for the Spanish auto industry: SEAT would have been awarded production of the next generation of the Audi A1, leading to the plant Martorell (Barcelona) to the small German firm, the alternative to the MINI Audi.

This possibility was already considered months ago after an investment (4,300 million between 2015 and 2019) by the Volkswagen group in this plant.

Expansion has been responsible to warn us of the arrival of the Audi A1, the next generation, to the plant of Martorell after the confirmation of Matías Carnero, the chairman of the committee of company of SEAT.

¿good news?
In principle, we can think that yes, of course, even more so when it is estimated as the manufacture of a 170,000 units in the plant of spain, with the workload that this entails, but we also cannot lose sight of the fact that the arrival of the Audi A1 to the assembly line in Martorell could involve, as it also points Expansion, the output of this center of the Audi Q3.

For 2015 it occurred to 110,000 Audi Q3 in Martorell, but its production involves more working hours than those of an Audi A1 for which could result in a loss of employment if the Audi Q3 does not occur in this plant, something that, make no mistake about this, has not been designated by the mark.

This new generation of the Audi A1 would come to production along 2018 and we imagine you will share a large number of components not only between the rest of the group utilities, but also with the next SUV brand, the Audi Q2.