Do not be a fool! So you should facilitate passage of ambulances and other emergency vehicles

Maybe you’ve seen these days. It happened this summer, apparently in Poland, the language spoken by those involved and the video description, although tuition dislodged me a little. An ambulance calls way to a BMW and this, rather than make it easier, it gets involved in an absurd resentment, idiotic and punishable by a thousand different reasons, overtaking cars with dangerous maneuvers, overtaking the ambulance and preventing its passage, which is outrageous when you consider that circulates in the ambulance emergency service. See video. It is a very extreme case, what we must never do with any car, let alone if it comes to an ambulance. But do you really know how you should react to assist the transition from an emergency vehicle?

If you think driving in roundabouts know why you keep doing wrong?

By the time you hear a siren, or contemplate the flash of some emergency lights behind, you have to be aware that these vehicles have the right of way, and may even violate certain rules in the performance of its work , provided they do not endanger any road user. It is not necessary to use emergency lights and sirens at a time, although it is normal that they do so, especially if the flashing lights that precede them drivers are unaware of the situation.

Now we tell you that is not common for a driver to start a pique an emergency vehicle, which can range from fire trucks and ambulances, to police, Civil Guard, and so on. connects an emergency vehicle siren and lights for a very important reason , the attending fire, or assisting a sick or victims of an accident. It must suffice to take seriously the importance of facilitating the passage.


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Did you know that during the 60 minutes following a traffic accident 75% of deaths occur?

In a situation like this, especially if we are in a hold, many drivers are blocked by the stress of the situation . This was acknowledged in the Journal of DGT Rafael Cervantes Saavedra, Chief of the Division of the fleet of SAMUR Madrid. Time is critical for these vehicles can sometimes mean the difference between life and death of a person. Did you know that during the 60 minutes following a traffic accident 75% of deaths occur? The transfer of the wounded to an appropriate facility, in time, can reduce mortality by 15%.

not encourage a switch to an emergency vehicle is a serious offense that can cost you € 200 . Although I imagine that with the above this is the least of the issues.

Each service has its own emergency protocols . The SAMUR Madrid recommended, whenever possible the left lane, and if the way is very collapsed, stand at the dividing lines of the lanes to create an additional lane.

facilitar-el-paso-a-ambulancias-6 Even with the peculiarities of the protocols of each emergency service, as a general rule we should act as follows.

  • In a two-way, with one lane in each direction . We’ll take to the right creating a third center lane for which he may move smoothly emergency vehicle. In any case, the DGT recommends not using, as far as possible the shoulder.
  • On roads with two lanes . The right lane will stick to the right and the left lane to the left. But above all, we have common sense. If for any reason the ambulance took advantage of the left shoulder and the left lane to pass, we will stick as far as possible into the right lane to find the largest possible space.
  • On track with three lanes in each direction . The DGT recommends that the middle lane and right babies go near his right and the left lane to do so by sticking to the middle, so that a fourth lane from the left channel appears that the central It will use the emergency vehicle to pass. Again, as in the previous case, common sense, if the emergency vehicle is approaching from another lane, facilitémosle step properly. It is not uncommon to find police cars and ambulances that leverage the shoulder, especially on roads with very broad shoulders, to break through, although a priori this is not the protocol to follow.


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Remember, again, that emergency services (if operated sirens and / or emergency lighting) have absolute right of way . That includes intersections and traffic lights. Even if your light is green, and have the right of way, if an emergency vehicle is approaching from the road cut, try to stop safely and ensure his transit. Remember that a life may be at stake.

The video of infamy

By the way, here’s the video we mentioned above, the Polish driver who was chopped with an ambulance.

Source: DGT
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If you think driving in roundabouts know why you keep doing wrong?

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