Do not hesitate, Audi will have its own superberlina diesel: an Audi A8 with the V8 TDI with a turbo-electric the Audi SQ7

BMW has released a new diesel engine for the flagship of the brand, to the BMW 7 Series, giving way to a new BMW 750d xDrive and BMW 750Ld xDrive 2016 arriving accompanied by a block diesel 6 cylinders and 4 turbos to a total of 400 horses and that make us think as it will be the offensive of Mercedes and especially Audi, with a new generation of the Audi A8 that we will know next year.

Currently, the diesel version’s most powerful Mercedes S-Class is a Mercedes S 350d of 258 horses while Audi sells an Audi A8 equipped with a 4.2 TDI 385 horses, a good alternative since this new BMW 750d xDrive, but, what will happen with the next generac√≥n of the Audi A8?

Audi already has confirmed that next year we will see a new Audi A8, but for now has not given us great details about it. We can imagine certain functions that we approach the car completely autonomous and we can imagine some of the strokes aesthetic and technological seen in the Audi Q7, which brings us to the new Audi SQ7.

The new Audi SQ7 2016 (see the price of Audi SQ7) is a pioneer in the use of the electric compressors, accompanying its engine V8 TDI with one of these systems, in tune with the supercharger conventional to develop 435 horses and a torque of 900 Nm.

it Is easy to imagine a superberlina diesel, a Audi S8 diesel, with this new mechanics under the hood of the next Audi A8.