Do the same of always? Audi A5: graphical comparison, in the 10 images, with its predecessor

The same as always, but better than never. Each time that a new Audi we have the same feeling, that its exterior design seems to have been with us always there. The new Audi A5 Coupe 2016 (see “background” with the 5 keys of the new Audi A5) was not going to be an exception. And although the changes we have received are really important, and remarkable, the impression that we will once more is that this Audi A5 has hardly changed, and remains the same as always. Perhaps that is one of the keys to the success of Audi, the should periodically review their designs without dramatic changes or strident. To what extent have you changed the new Audi A5? let’s Look at 10 images, comparing it with its predecessor.

Recall that we are not faced with a mere update. The new Audi A5, which will arrive at dealers in autumn of 2016, is a coupe that is completely new, a second-generation A5. Its renovation has followed in the footsteps of the Audi A4, which we already knew from last year. So that we find a coupe with a completely new platform, more refined and lightweight (60 kg) less); a new generation of engines; a lot of technology; and a complete revision of the interior, with new entertainment systems and a digital dashboard, the Audi virtual cockpit.

then I’ll show you a picture of the Audi A5, Model Year 2012, that you will be able to differentiate by your body white; and an image of the Audi A5, Second-Generation, 2016, you will be able to differentiate by your body in silver.


Audi A5 2012 (top) versus Audi A5 2016 (below): with a silhouette very similar, the new Audi A5 has gained muscle. Take a look at the nerves of the body, much more marked, and especially in the bumps of the hood. It is an evolution very similar to that which we have seen in the Audi TT and Audi R8.


audi-a5-11Audi A5 2012 (top) versus Audi A5 2016 (down): in these images you can see better the detail of the nerves of the body very marked, especially in that waist line that stretches from the headlights of the new A5 (even from the LED’s that make up the daytime running lights), until the vertex of the rear headlights.


audi-a5-21Audi A5 2012 (top) versus Audi A5 2016 (down): take a look at another detail. The front grille is more angular, and has widened significantly, but is also lower. Your nose is more sharp, to give a visual impression more sporty, and perhaps for improvement in terms of the aerodynamic. Audi told us that with a drag coefficient of 0.25, this new Audi A5 has much improved, and has been located at the head of its category.


audi-a5-31Audi A5 2012 (top) versus Audi A5 2016 (below): the rear of the new Audi A5 it is also more angular, but note that the design cues of the Audi A5 have barely changed. We have a sexy rear overhang, which culminates in the apex of the trunk lid, spoiler, and a rear pillar triangle very wide. Important novelty: the new Audi A5 has acquired a flirt gills in the front wings.


audi-a5-41Audi A5 2012 (top) versus Audi A5 2016 (below): to board we also find important changes. The new Audi A5 has joined the fashion team of entertainment on the dashboard, mode tablet. I have to say that the new Audi A4 (which we have already tested and is the same as that of the A5) and the new Audi A5, is perhaps the best integrated of its class. Not out of place as much as in other cases we have seen recently. Highlights even more the presence of the digital dashboard, the Audi virtual cockpit.


Source: Audi