Do they deserve to be called these 5 cars premium?

What is a premium car? An Audi, Mercedes, BMW . That would be the traditional response to forget brands like Lexus, Infiniti and Volvo. Without going deep into the definition that you all have in mind, it refers to a car that offers greater distinction to their owners. A car that is supposed to higher quality, greater refinement and superior called “generalists” equipment. Where is the border of the premium? deserve some cars being classified as premium? Let me explain myself.

In an automotive world of fierce competition, the concept of premium is already fuzzy.

A premium car should be more refined a generalist car. For example, the Audi A3 is considered a premium car, the Renault Megane no. The Audi A3 has a very superior quality finishes, image most exclusive and a number of items of equipment that can even optionally equipped Mégane: Audi Exclusive optional equipment or adaptive cruise control, for example. Their engines have a more refined operation and isolation of the compartment is higher.

1440_Audi_R8_2015_DM_nueva_galeria_DM_30_1440x655c I do not want to insult this Renault Megane, far from it: it is my opinion after having tried both cars. Although both will take you from A to B without any problem, the Audi A3 is available with a range of more powerful engines and varied, for example, the e-tron hybrid version. The value of this differentiation is paid. And consumers are willing to pay 7,000 euros more equal equipment between a Renault Megane and an Audi A3 with a similar engine. Well, I think we have a clear concept of premium.

Some versions of some premium cars do not think they deserve that appellation.

The current problem is that the premium brands can not only live on its margins, because market competition is tougher than ever, and because the generalists are trying to blur the boundary between premium and generalist. Let’s be frank: the difference between a Peugeot 405 and BMW 3 Series was much higher than it is today the difference between a Peugeot 508 and 3 modern series. Although truly special premium models still have some vehicles and versions are 100% general.

peugeot-508-2015-prueba-mdm-01-1440px-1 these models are the living image of premium brand. Are the models that lower their average emissions in the face of the European Union and are models where volume matters even more than the margin . They are expensive models despite having an equipment often laconic, or even scarce. Yes, you may have neither serial or climate tires, and finishes are acceptable as long. It is the first time véis the BMW Series 1 of this fashion? Do they deserve to be called premium?

Note that I focus on versions, models . A BlueEFFICIENCY Mercedes 160d not deserve to be called premium. A Mercedes A 45 AMG , yes. Started.

1) BMW X1 sDrive16d: front-wheel drive, three-cylinder

Spend your few thousand euros and buy a sDrive18d a 150 hp turbodiesel.

The BMW X1 is just renewed with a front-drive architecture. BMW has extended the engine range advantage Frankfurt, and releases a new version of Access call X1 sDrive16d . It is a front-wheel drive X1 equipped with a 1.5-liter turbodiesel, three-cylinder 116 hp power. Okay, their average consumption is 3.9 l / 100 km, but it takes 11.1 seconds to accelerate to 100 km / h. In a SUV which was previously a rear (or integral) traction reference in its segment in terms of dynamics.

1440_bmw-x1-2016-exterior-6 will have the honor of only share the title of SUV three cylinders for sale with Ford EcoSport , a car originally designed for emerging markets, sales of these marginal lands . Despite having a three-cylinder engine feel less refined – it is inherent in the architecture tricilíndrica – have to lift a weight of at least half ton and the price will be at least 30,000 euros. The BMW X1 sDrive18d has 150 hp engine is a pleasant four-cylinder … and costs 32,400 euros.

2) A Mercedes 160d: Renault 1.5 dCi engine, glacial features

Version A 180d also employs a Renault turbodiesel engine of 109 hp.

This model is not sold in Spain at the moment. And just as well, really. It is one of the most economical versions of Class A Mercedes. The problem is that its engine is a 90 hp 1.5 dCi Renault source coupled to a manual gearbox extra long developments. Despite consuming just 3.7 liters per 100 km, the result of said engine is equipped 0 to 100 km / h in 13.8 seconds . To give you an idea: the urban SEAT Mii, with its atmospheric three-cylinder 75 hp, is 0.6 seconds faster to 100 km / h


A 220d 4MATIC (Style), Elbaitgrün. Interieur Schwarz / Grün A 220d 4MATIC (Style), elbaite green, Interior black / green

3) DS3 PureTech 82 Design

will have to pay 1,045 euros if you want your DS3 has alloy wheels and air conditioning.

Yes, all cars must have access versions. But when it comes to a car that is trying to sell as premium – and no brand that is trying harder than DS – equip your baby with the atmospheric three-cylinder gasoline riding a C-Elysee does not seem the best of ideas. I could not test the PureTech 82 – I admit – but any tricilíndrico is away in softness and feel of what is expected of a premium. Do not forget that the price starts at just over 16,000 euros .


4) Audi A1 1 0.4 TDI ultra Attraction

may not have the right motor, but it is a car of excellent finishing and image.

understand that technology is advancing fast, and that benefits previously taken from a 1.6 TDI four-cylinder now they can extract a 1.4 TDI 90 hp three cylinders . We are in the same. Call me a snob: I can understand a motor and a SEAT Ibiza or even a Volkswagen Polo. If I pay € 19,180 for Audi A1, I hope a nice touch on the mechanics and not have to pay € 530 for my car has alloy wheels. However, has very low fuel consumption (3.4 l / 100 km) and reasonable performance.


5) Mercedes Citan 108 CDI Combi

The Renault Kangoo and Mercedes Citan leave the same production line.

Can a truck be premium? The Mercedes Citan is a twin sister – almost twin – of the Renault Kangoo. Share platform, mechanical source dCi Renault, finishing and basic equipment. Manufactured in the same factory, in the same production line in France. They are virtually identical cars. Although Mercedes is something bigger, I do not think you can justify a price of 4,000 euros higher, especially as it is a tool.

mercedes-citan-larga Following these lines, I do not want to be labeled as Taliban or purist. My idea is to highlight that there considered premium versions of cars , which are in full enemy lines, trapped in territory general without remission. They live on the brand image of his older brothers, but they are a losing in value . In these cases, I am of the view opt for a well equipped general. Possibly with a better equipped and as effective on the road superior motor.

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