Do waiting for your SEAT Ateca 2.0 TDI? We have bad news

SEAT Ateca

SEAT announces temporary withdrawal from the market of the Ateca 2.0 TDI 150 HP with front-wheel drive.

Since a few days, a movement is coming in the social networks of customers of SEAT affected by a problem that has all the dyes to be very noticeable. In particular, we refer to those customers of the Spanish brand that had been reserved as his new SEAT Ateca equipped with an engine 2.0 TDI of 150 HP and front wheel drive, both with manual gearbox as DSG, which the Spanish brand has withdrawn “temporarily” to the marketing.

Since the SEAT ensure that it is a problem associated to “strong demand” that has this version of the SEAT Ateca. However, and taking a look at the responses that the brand is giving affected customers through public media such as social networks, we realize that everything points to a cause more espinosa that the simple fact of not being able to cope with the demand that you have a certain model.

SEAT removed “temporarily” from the market, the Ateca 2.0 TDI 150 CV 4×2

As is logical, and in the case of a brand like SEAT (backed by the Volkswagen Group), if you have a successful model with a strong demand and is selling very well, the logical solutions are to increase the volume of production or increase the selling price. The only drawback to the short-term is the waiting time of the customers would be high, but always this is preferable to simply suspend the sales of the version most in demand. It is for this reason that everything points to that the problem goes far beyond that.

SEAT Ateca con motor TDI

TDI Motor of the SEAT Ateca.

in Addition, several customers who had booked this unit reported that they have gone to the estimated date of manufacture that were assigned. Another fact is more than it comes to generate even more confusion because not only stopped selling those versions but, in addition, the orders already made are also affected.

SEAT offers different versions to the clients concerned

And we have not a plan to sensationalize, just take a look at the different interactions, which is making the Spanish brand on those social networks in which it is present. From a few hours ago, as we said at the beginning of the article, many customers who had already booked this unit are going through the initial nervousness to despair because the response that SEAT is giving no help to appease the “customers affected”.

Tweet-insert: 773091090710880256

Tweets as you show just above is a proof that by the time the Spanish firm does not have a clear position to tackle a problem of approval of the SEAT Ateca with engine 2.0 TDI of 150 horsepower and front wheel drive. A similar response gives the Spanish brand in your page of Facebook: “The company is running out of to perform tests common that are carried out routinely to complete the process of approval official with the authorities, we’re working for that have already made the order will not be affected”.

Today the answers are different, say from SEAT Spain both on facebook and Twitter: “we Regret the response of approvals, as it is due to an intersection of queries. The new version is that “SEAT has decided to temporarily remove the version 2.0 TDI 150 HP front-wheel-drive of the SEAT Ateca configurations web by a possible delay in the start of production of this version. We prefer not to accumulate new orders, to SEAT, to the satisfaction of the customers is the maximum priority. That is to say, that of not being able to meet the demand has passed that has not even started its production.

Again, we refer to our sospecha of that SEAT you have problems to approve that version Ateca. In the following pictures you can appreciate the technical features of the catalog of the SEAT Ateca from the past month of July (the most recent):


Catalog of the technical features of the range petrol of the SEAT Ateca.


Catalog diesel SEAT Ateca in which we can appreciate the lack of figures-approval of the engine 2.0 TDI 150 HP with front-wheel drive.

Of the nine versions that appear only two do not have the data approved consumption and emissions complete. Precisely are the two versions that have been deleted from the range, still should not be approved. Yes it appears the consumption data combined,
due to which may possibly be a estimated. Everything pointed to a simple
“pending” would have resulted in a problem with the approval that has been generated in all that
we have discussed throughout this article.

By the way, the dealers of SEAT were reported in
the day of yesterday
of the temporary withdrawal of this version. In your case, the
information we have received about this decision makes reference to the excessive
demand that is taking the Ateca 2.0 TDI 150 HP with front-wheel drive.