Do you 420 HP to the front axle? The Volkswagen Polo R WRC Wimmer believes that it is a good idea

Say more than 250 HP to the front axle is not a good idea. There are front wheel drive models with more powerful, but must resort to complicated schemes of suspensions rear, limited-slip and careful tuning – is the case of the Honda Civic Type R, without going any further. 420 HP to the front axle does not happen even in racing cars, but a Wimmer – a preparer German specialized in Volkswagen and the orbit VAG – it has seemed a good idea… for the Volkswagen Polo R WRC. Did you want a utility that’s more powerful than a Porsche 911?

A Volkwswagen Polo R WRC tuning with 420 HP furious

The modifications are solely at the level of mechanics, and Wimmer asked 10.200 euros for the same.

The engine of Volkswagen Polo R WRC is a standard 2.0 TSI of 220 HP. This engine allows you to do the 0 to 100 km/h in 6.4 seconds, and a top speed close to 250 km/h. In addition, only 2,500 units were built. It is a car for future appreciation, but if you want to turn it into a beast far more radical you just need to pass by the workshops of Wimmer. A new turbocharger, a new intercooler or a fuel pump high-flow are just some of the initial modifications undertaken by the preparer

wimmer-volkswagen-polo-r-wrc-9A new line of escape full – catalysts and the down-pipe included – and a complete reprogramming electronic allow you to achieve the end power of 420 HP, the hand of a torque of 480 Nm. This is 200 HP and 130 Nm additional about the specs of the series, in a chassis that is not prepared to withstand such power. does Not have limited slip mechanical, and Wimmer has not updated its braking equipment. Their rims are OZ Superleggera, even with tires of measures 215/45 ZR17 in both axes.

suspension coilover is courtesy of KW, and has a air filter K&N, but that is all – not to mention an aggressive labeling, possibly for the sample unit that have been prepared. There are No modifications to the interior or the necessary modifications to the chassis to withstand this enormous increase of power. At least, the upgrade only costs 10.200 euros. How is the ride my Volkswagen Polo R WRC? Not without a complete modification of all your running gear. Otherwise, best to leave it as standard.

wimmer-volkswagen-polo-r-wrc-7And no, Wimmer has not provided performance data, only the promise of a tip speed of 280 km/h.

Source: WCF
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