Do you also have doubts of how to pronounce “Porsche”? Here is the solution, in video

Porsche 911 Carrera RS NGT a subasta

Not doubt that Porsche is one of the largest automotive most famous, recognized and laureate of the world. With headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, the first model of this brand came under the designation Porsche 356, at the end of the years 40. It was a convertible two-seater with a beautiful body. This would be the beginning of a long list of models, luxury and sport that I think school, mainly, thanks to the arrival of the Porsche 911 in the 60s.

Without a doubt, the 911 is the model’s most well-known brand all over the world. In fact, any of us could easily recognize its silhouette several meters away, the case of the generation concerned. Our unfinished business, the mark of Ferdinand Porsche is concerned, maybe it is another one, the protagonist of this article. Think aloud and pronounces “Porsche”. is Not clear to you if you’ve pronounced well? Dale play and you will leave doubts.

at least in Spain, usually we hear people pronounce the name of this legendary brand directly as “Porch”, but also the more “cool” (not to say hipsters) to pronounce it as “Porsh”, bragging of ready and fine. It seems to be that it is not just our own problem, from the Spanish, and that your name is pronounced wrong in a good part of the globe. Own firm, tired of listening to how people say wrong his name, has decided to release this video to YouTube with the actual pronunciation.

what Was close to your way of speak to the actual shape? It is simply a curiosity, but what is certain is that ironically, that a brand is so much talked about in the automotive world has to resort to a video pronunciándonos several times and slowly his name. I’m very Much afraid that, both in bars, as in circuits, such as in a family meal with your brother-in-law, Porsche will continue to be heard as a “front Porch”.